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Congratulations! Since you are here, you are taking the first step in seeing how marketing can be different. We are sure that you’ve heard things like “marketing works” or “you need to do digital marketing” from other advertising companies or internet articles. You probably have even read or heard “successes” from other businesses. To be successful with a marketing campaign, the person or team setting up the campaign needs to KNOW how to use the marketing medium inside and out. It’s this skill that separates Boiling Point Media from our competition.

Anybody, including yourself, can place an ad on Google, create a website, or post on Facebook. That part is easy. The tough part is making the marketing campaign or medium effective. This is where we come in. Through our strategic planning process, we map out your individual marketing strategy based upon successes you are currently experiencing, effectiveness of different marketing platforms, results from previous clients, how your competition is advertising, messaging, and campaign goals. Our agency is not confined to only using a few different marketing platforms so we will develop a complete strategy that is the most effective for YOU and not for our company. Once a plan is determined, our team of creative minds go to work to produce relevant, engaging, and unique artwork and/or ad copy. This process of planning and ad development has led to our clients reaching their marketing goals. During 2020, all of our clients experienced double digit growth and Boiling Point Media received 6 additional advertising awards!

The difference is truly about creativity at every stage of our marketing campaigns. Click on our service links below to get more details about our individual services. Have an idea that you don’t see listed, reach out to us. We can make it happen!



An advertising agency can save companies time, money and employee resources. It is easier to change or add an advertising agency when you need new ideas or a different mindset for a specific project versus trying to change the mindset of a current team. Advertising agencies generally have more knowledge about different marketing platforms so they can assist in opening new marketing strategies.

There are many factors you should consider when choosing a marketing agency.  Factors you should consider are:

  • Culture of the Agency - The culture of an advertising agency will lend insight to how they approach projects, their experience in marketing, as well as how the relationship between your company and the agency will go.  Gravitate towards agencies that are proactive to issues, take a collaborative approach to marketing strategies, as well as continue to be innovative in their marketing approach.  An agency that is full of energy and positivity will generally be a good advertising agency to work with
  • Agency Talent - This is a big one. Especially in today’s digital marketing age. Things to look for are: how many employees does the agency have versus outside contractors, how ambitious are the agency's employees, what is the technological experience of the agency, how many people does the agency want to use on your team, and the turnover rate for the agency. Agencies that have more employees than contractors, who focus on retaining and training their employees, will serve you better than agencies with high turnover rates and lots of outside contractors
  • Expectation and Attentiveness - Expectations are important for you and the agency as this will keep everybody on a coherent plan.  Setting expectations will clearly communicate the goals of the marketing project as well as gauge how well the agency is going to listen to you.  Run from agencies that are only focused on “their plan” or do not want to regularly communicate with you about the project
  • Choose on Capabilities - Marketing agencies generally promote themselves as the biggest or best.  This doesn’t mean they are the best for your project.  Don’t restrict yourself to brand name agencies or agencies by location.  With most digital marketing projects, the work can be performed anywhere.  Choose an agency that has the capabilities most closely related to your marketing projec
  • Price - Like many industries, there are agencies that will be the low price leader as well as highly priced agencies. The amount of work that these agencies perform is generally related to the investment that the client makes.  Price is always a consideration but a better factor to consider is return on investment.  Look for companies that can maximize your ROI based upon your investment versus an agency that will try to get the work done because they only want your dollar.

Because all businesses must market themselves, advertising agencies generally serves all types of industries and companies.  Boiling Point Media has a strong focus on the automotive sales industry and we have worked with several casinos, government agencies, dispensaries, and packaged goods companies. Our market research team and copywriters are equipped to assist any industry with targeting the right type of customers

The core capabilities of Boiling Point Media surround video and film production.  Within this skillset, we have a heavy focus on VFX and CGI.  These abilities allow us to be able to create one-of-a-kind advertisements for our clients that have a powerful impact

Our team is certified in Google products including Google Ads and Google Analytics.  We also have an Emmy Award winning director who is highly skilled in creating a story for our clients products and brands.