What Does a Full Service Advertising Agency Do?

by | May 14, 2024 | marketing blogs

  • A full service advertising agency is a company that can provide a large variety of marketing services for their clients.
  • Services that a full service agency provide include digital marketing, strategic planning, and traditional marketing. 
  • Choose an experienced full service advertising agency like Boiling Point to create, fine tune, or manage your next campaign.

Advertising Agency is a broad term that describes a company that focuses on providing a variety of marketing services to other companies or organizations. Depending on the type of agency, these services may include doing market research, creating and running marketing campaigns, and content creation across many mediums. There are numerous types of advertising agencies including full-service, traditional, digital, creative, and boutique. They each offer services in a specific area of marketing. Traditional advertising agencies for example focus their efforts on billboards, radio, and other print media. Despite their different focuses, every type of advertising agency will strive to create a campaign that benefits their client’s sales without breaking the bank.


Why is Advertising Important?

In today’s fast paced world, there are thousands of companies, products, and brands all vying for customer’s attention. From the beginning of advertising itself, ensuring that your campaign stands out from the competition has always been what separates the successful businesses from the failed ones. Advertising is one of the essential elements to growing a business and increasing sales. Another important aspect is brand recognition. Besides boosting sales and customers, advertising also helps to improve brand awareness and increase brand recognition. A successful marketing campaign will inform new customers about your business, increase sales, and grow customer loyalty by crafting a recognizable brand. 


Functions of a Full Service Advertising Agency

A full service advertising agency, as the name suggests, provides all of the services that might be required by a client to properly and most effectively advertise their products or services. Initially an advertising agency will help businesses create goals for growth and sales. They will then work with the client, using market research and a variety of strategies to create an advertising campaign. Full service agencies like Boiling Point Media are able to use a plethora of creative and analytical tools to market their clients businesses. 


Digital Marketing

Over the past few decades, the internet and other digital channels have grown into some of the most effective tools for advertisers to use. A full service advertising agency can use a variety of digital techniques to attract customers and increase brand awareness. Whether it’s generating social media content, sending out emails, or creating websites, digital marketing represents a versatile and exciting method for marketing.


Social Media

Social Media has evolved in the past decades into an integral part of the internet as a whole and an inexpensive way to advertise to a large audience. Different social media platforms are geared towards different purposes & demographics. By properly utilizing both organic & paid versions of these platforms, a business can be closer in touch with their clients, which strengthens this relationship & makes it easier to introduce new products & services. Full service agencies like Boiling Point Media work to establish a significant social media presence, and use that to grow sales and increase customer loyalty.



One of the most effective ways to get your product or service directly to consumers is through email marketing. Email campaigns provide the opportunity to target both new & existing customers with curated content that they can interact with and respond to. Emails can also be “blanketed” out across a wide variety of customers at a relatively low cost. The versatility and effectiveness of email campaigns have made them a popular choice for many agencies. 



You might think that when you have a website, it is automatically optimized for search engines. The reality is, they are usually far from it. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving how high up your website ranks in searches. Ranking high not only increases traffic, but drives sales. SEO Expertsare constantly evolving their strategies to match the newest trends and updates from major search engines like Google.


Web Design

Having an attractive and intuitive website has become integral to keeping customers engaged in your brand while driving interactions, leads, & sales. A full service agency will work with you to create a website that perfectly matches your business. Besides creating dazzling animations and visuals, they will also optimize your site for search engines. A website is typically the first way prospects can reach your business, so having a good website is essential to retaining and growing those visitors. 


Programmatic AI

Programmatic AI refers to the extremely complex system that makes it possible for you to receive ads later in the day for products you were shopping for earlier. It’s not magic, but instead a process in which the manual media buying process is automated. This removes the human error, and allows for advertising agencies to find the perfect time to send ads to the right customers.



When you think of SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, one name comes to mind: Google. Although they didn’t invent SEM, their position as the leading search engine helped them propel SEM into an extremely effective method for marketing. The concept is simple, pay to have your ad shown for certain types of keywords typed into a search engine. But running SEM campaigns are much more detailed and time consuming, if you want them to be effective. Agencies typically will have certified Google specialists on their team, who excel in this form of marketing. This is an area that if you don’t have time to learn it & do it yourself, you really should trust a marketing agency.


Lead Generation

One of the main goals for any marketing campaign is to increase the interest for a product or service through a variety of marketing channels. Lead generation refers to the process of finding qualified potential customers for a client. An advertising agency won’t close the sales for you, but will help generate your lead pipeline for you or your sales reps to close.


Connected TV

You may be running an advertising campaign on a local television station without seeing great results. This is definitely confusing considering that television is being watched now more than ever. The truth is, many customers have switched over to streaming services, or local TV that is streamed over the internet. These services are called OTT or Over-The-Top, and are watched on CTVs or Connected TVs. Similar to traditional TV, a marketing agency can develop a run schedule to make sure your ads appear on the right apps, shows, & times to match your targeted demographic. 


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning in marketing refers to the process of creating a framework or outline for an advertising campaign or strategy. Full service advertising agencies will work closely with their clients to create a plan that is custom tailored to work with their business. Also, under the strategic planning umbrella, are all of the services required to create engaging marketing strategies. These services include consulting, market research, account services, and other tools that all help craft a comprehensive marketing plan.


Business Planning

A business plan is the blueprint for an entire business. It serves as the foundation and subsequent roadmap for how to start and grow a business successfully. Prospective investors will often only invest in a strong business plan. But they are also essential in guiding leadership on how to make decisions that will help the company. The best full service advertising firms don’t just make a plan for your business, they work with you to create your business plan. 


Campaign Development

Executing a successful marketing campaign is an extremely tall order. Many businesses will typically run multiple campaigns at the same time, but it is still very important that each campaign is both efficient and effective. Advertising agencies will use data and tools to upgrade & expand existing marketing campaigns and strategies. The goal is to target new customers as well as hone in more on the existing target customers as well. A full service advertising agency will work closely with you to help evolve your marketing strategy into a more effective one. 



Sometimes you may have a great idea for a marketing strategy or campaign, but it just isn’t working out. That’s when you can call on a full service marketing agency for a comprehensive marketing consultation. The experts at the agencies will show you what’s working and what isn’t with your current strategy. They will also give you tips on how to improve your strategies and fix some of the issues your current plan may have. Consulting with a marketing firm is a great way to get some expert outside opinions that can significantly help improve your marketing efforts. 


Market Research

When you start selling a product or service, nothing is more useful than knowing exactly where, when, and how to sell it. The purpose of market research is to find the answers to those questions before you go to market. Having a plan in place that properly addresses the customer base, market trends, and overall industry direction will make launching your product much less risky. Full service advertising agencies have access to current data and high tech tools that allow them to conduct extensive marketing research for your business.


Transparent Reporting

With any marketing campaign, you will be able to tell right away how much you spent and how many customers you might have gained. However, there is typically a lot more data that can reveal truly how effective your campaign was. Full service advertising agencies will create in-depth reports that transparently indicate the successful parts of your campaign as well as what could be improved. Good marketing agencies will provide detailed reports for you as well as provide you with other requested data so you can better your go-to-market strategy as a whole.


Media Spend Analysis

In the old days, businesses may run a campaign and may not have ever known truly how much they got for their money. However, in today’s high tech world, we now have tools and technology that will accurately portray how money was spent as well as how well the campaign performed. Advertising agencies also have tools to show where money might not have been spent effectively or at all. By routinely analyzing your media spending, you will end up getting more for your dollar & better overall outcomes on your advertising programs.


Branding & Creative

One major aspect of every marketing campaign is the creative content that is generated and used to promote your business. Full service advertising agencies will employ a variety of different mediums including photography, illustrations and graphics, animations, music, and more. The goal is to create a comprehensive “style” for your campaign that can be easily identified and tied to your brand and business.


Brand Development

The face of every successful product or business is a strong and easily identifiable brand. Creating an iconic brand takes years of careful marketing strategies. However, if done well, having a strong brand is a proven way to gain loyal customers and drive sales. Full service advertising agencies will use every tool at their disposal to create a campaign that can bring your brand to new audiences as well as solidifying your brand with current audiences.Good advertising agencies can also shape your brand image & perception so that when customers need you in the future, they already have a positive feeling about your brand.


Brand Style Guides

One of the most effective ways to establish a strong brand is to create what is called a brand style guide. This comprehensive guide determines a set of guidelines that incorporate color palettes, logos, wording, and a variety of other types of visuals for your brand image. This guide is used to create continuity in your brand so that wherever a potential customer sees your brand, they instantly recognize it. A brand style guide sets the basis when creating new marketing materials and messages. 


Advertising Jingles

Have you ever seen a commercial with a catchy jingle and found yourself singing it all day long? Those ear worms are incredibly effective at sticking around in your head. That’s why advertisers use jingles to help plant a brand in their audience’s mind. The more the jingle is heard, the more it sticks, and will eventually lead to increased website visits and purchases! 


Content Creation

In the advertising world, and the entertainment industry as well, they say that “content is king.” Content is what makes up the majority of your advertising campaign, and is what the customers will actually interact with. Whether it’s a photo, video, or written words, creating unique and engaging content is essential for any marketing campaign. A good advertising agency will specialize in creating engaging content and will generally come up with out-of-the-box ideas to further promote your brand & keep attention on your brand. This will lead to more sales.


Advertising Photography

You may not realize it, but you likely see advertising photography everywhere, every day. Advertising photography is the imagery that is used to sell a product or service. Think about the delectable looking burger and fries on a fast food menu, or a poster of a model wearing the newest clothing line. These photos can be highly useful tools in creating campaigns that “wow!” your audience. 


Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to advertising strategies that employ print, TV, radio, or other long standing advertising methods. Traditional advertising can be effective at reaching a whole separate audience than digital advertising can. With its relatively low cost, it is also an effective method to reach a very wide audience.


Direct Mailing

If you have a mailbox, then you most likely get a few direct mail ads every time you open it up. This relatively inexpensive form of advertising is great for blanketing a marketing message to large amounts of customers, at a low cost. While a lot of mail ads might end up in the trash, there are always some that you open up or keep. Full service advertising agencies like Boiling Point Media are experts at creating visually striking and engaging direct mail advertisements that recipients will keep & use. 


Media Buying

It’s no secret that finding advertising space on TV, Billboards, or other locations is extremely competitive. Full service advertising agencies offer an extremely helpful service called media buying. Instead of negotiating directly with the media companies, the agency will negotiate on your behalf and help you get a much better deal. Advertising agencies can usually get better deals on media buys than a business owner can because of their long established relationships with the traditional media platform as well as the volume of ads that they buy are generally higher than that of a singular business owner. One of the goals of any advertising campaign is to get the most out of your budget, and media buying with an agency is another way to help maximize returns.


SMS Marketing

The average American spends 4.5 hours a day on their phone. It’s no wonder then that SMS marketing, or sending text message ads, has become an extremely effective marketing tool. Text messages are a casual, non intrusive way to send text, media, and even links to a targeted group of potential customers. The likelihood of your marketing message being seen is high! SMS marketing offers a high reach, low cost, low risk method of advertising that has been proven effective in driving sales. 


Voicemail Marketing

Oftentimes, hearing a human voice rather than reading a text or AI message can be a valuable tool for marketers to engage customers. While you may have left countless voicemail messages that went unanswered, the ones that were answered typically resulted in extremely successful sales. Full service advertising agencies like Boiling Point Media will strategically put voicemails in the right inboxes so that your campaign can reach even more targeted people and get even more sales.


Choose Boiling Point Full Service Advertising Agency

A full service advertising agency can provide nearly any service a business may need to create the perfect marketing campaign. It’s important to find an agency that has years of experience working with businesses and has a proven track record of successful clients under their belt. Boiling Point Media fits that bill perfectly. We provide all of the services mentioned above and have experts that have been creating strategies that have worked for years now. We also work hard to stay up-to-date with market trends and adapt their tools & strategies to change with new trends and technology. We will work closely with you every step of the way, and provide a plethora of transparent and useful metrics and tools so you can rest assured that your campaign is being managed properly. 


Boiling Point Media is a full service marketing agency located in the heart of Oklahoma City. At Boiling Point Media, our team is a unique group of creative minds, very knowledgeable in SEO and generating content that connects with the intended audiences. Additionally, our team excels in all mediums used in the digital marketing process like email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and PPC so that we can choose the best marketing platforms to reach our client’s desired target market. We would love to chat with you so give us a call to discuss how we can help you build your brand and take your company to its boiling point!



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